Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Various mail i'm getting...

Did I mention I love getting fan mail? Makes me feel all important :-)

A particularly nice fan mail:
Hi! I absolutely LOVE polynomial! I have recommended it to all my friends, I hope to be able to afford to purchase the full version as soon as my budget allows. Kudos! this is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have EVER seen on a computer! (and i have been working with computers for 30 years!!) Wonderful job! Amazing!! keep it up!! WOW! (you have my permission to use this email (and my full name if you like) for promotional purposes!!!) (please do!)
--- Eric Otway.

Most of mail I'm getting, though, consists of fail-to-run reports on Intel's onboard graphics. Sorry guys, can't do much about it, but please keep sending so that I can compile some system requirements list.

Ahh, and other category of mail. About opensource release of The Polynomial or The Galaxy or something else. I always get a lot of those. Sorry guys, I can't do that until either a: Someone funds development of The Polynomial (and by funding I mean enough to pay my bills), b: I make ton of cash and don't care anymore, or c: I move on to other project. Either of those will eventually happen. You can make it happen sooner by helping me advertise The Polynomial.

Meanwhile, you can take care of my abandoned project Voxel World which I released as opensource a while ago. Set up the repository, get some maintainers, etc. (Caveats: Voxel World is written in pascal. Part of it was written when I was 16 years old. It needs cleanup)

Other news: The Polynomial page is down in stumbleupon ratings to 3 stars, from solid 5 stars it had before I released. Why, presumably because of thumbdowns from people with old graphics cards for whom it does not run :/ .
Fortunately, the art gallery page is at 4 stars and growing :-).

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