Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Google accuses Microsoft of stealing results.

It's final, I am moving this blog out of here. And this is the reason.

Don't take me wrong, I am no fan of Microsoft. I use Linux for most of my needs. But I can't stand this sort of BS.

Search engines work by processing web pages and links between the pages. It is altogether possible for one search engine to process the page of another search engine just like it would process a regular webpage.

There's what most likely happened, or what you have to presume to have happened unless proven otherwise (innocent until proven guilty): To get Bing to "steal" results, Google guys had to search for those made up words on IE with Bing toolbar installed, for days and days, getting 9 words out of 100 into Bing. Bing toolbar is used to improve relevancy. All it takes to "steal" results is for the toolbar to occasionally process Google's page the same as any other. Which can happen if e.g. this file which specifies not to process the Google's page fails to download. Which could as well happen due to technical issue on Google's side, or simply due to unreliable connection.
And Google guys know this better than anyone else. The Google's blog post is most certainly a sign of Google slowly becoming just another corporation that expertly crafts lies and propaganda, using public lack of understanding of how technology works, and which competes not by creating a better product, but by talking bad about the competition. To 99.9% of people, all the technology could just as well have been magic, and witchcraft accusations are the hot topic now.