Thursday, June 11, 2009

On the removal of adsense from blog.

edit: correction. It was pointed out to me in email that ads could work lot better if used in different way. I'll restart the experiment. I'm genuinely curious if I can get adsense to work sensibly and display something relevant to my posts. So far it appears totally bugged. Under a post, it displays ads relevant to another post.

The adsense experiment's over. The conclusion: almost nobody clicks on ads. It was generating mere cents per 1000 views (and large majority of visitors have ad-blocking extension, so I were making 1000 ad views per several thousands blog views). Why so? Because adsense displayed irrelevant nonsense.

Speaking of which. I believe, making any money from blog is only possible when your blog is about making money off blogs, and consists entirely of advertising - ads all over, and the posts of blog themselves are advertising the internet advertising companies. As it goes, the only easy way to make money is to scam the people whom want to easily make money, hehe.

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