Sunday, June 21, 2009

Updates, and some fun with google hot trends

The Polynomial: development goes on at usual pace. (That is to say it is progressing very quickly :-) ). I'm adding new gameplay features and working on online multiplayer, though multiplayer will take a while - it is very difficult to implement.
This doesn't make really cool screenshots yet. I'm planning on releasing a minor improvements update sometime soon, maybe end of the month - existing customers will have access to this update through "check updates" button. You can use "follow blog" thing on the right to be able to see updates easily.

I didn't build any new Stirling engine this weekend, and nothing broke in my computer, so no howtos.

Random Internet stuff:
Insanely huge starspot

Totally irrelevant Internet stuff:

I've been toying with google hot trends... there's a few trends of late:

Science vs religion - science is on decline:

IQ is on decline as well (haha):

Evil is rising, after decline:

I can't recall what was so horrible in mid 2008.

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