Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Special thanks to...

(this post will be edited and updated as time goes by)

OpenAL-Soft maintainer (##openal on, nickname KittyKat or something similar) for making this excellent library and answering questions.
MiniCow on ##opengl for helping debug some MacOS X specific issues.
Camilla Berglund for GLFW, cross platform opengl framework I'm using.
Spring & SpringLobby teams for insights in development, and generally for showing that such project can be done.
Ben Woodhouse for glee . (OpenGL extensions library)
Developers of glc and recordmydesktop, free tools that I use for video capture.
Everyone who tests it and reports bugs.
Everyone who buys the full preview.
I hope I can fund some of these projects when the game breaks even.

For more details you can see library credits in included documentation.

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