Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wow, StumbleUpon is great.

Yesterday, I properly announced my game development for first time. Thousands hits on the website from stumbleupon, snowballing almost immediately.
Thanks for the nice response! It greatly boosted my confidence that the game is worth it, and improved the motivation. It is always a problem with such projects - after several months of work, when the work seems to go on and on, you invariably start losing confidence that you'll make it, start worrying about marketing, and so on.
It really looks like you could just work to make the product as good as possible these days, without wasting much effort on marketing, and just publish a page and people will come.


  1. I found your site with StumbleUpon :) Looks like a cool game. Pretty to look at. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. I also found you on stumbleupon!
    The game looks pretty but whats the objective?

  3. So far, the gameplay is rather simple. You just fly around in 3D (space simulator style), avoid getting shot, collect the green-marked stuff, and shot the red-marked stuff, all while admiring the scenery and gaining the score (until you get shot, at which point score is halved). Quite relaxing, oldshool gameplay.
    Alternatively, you can tweak parameters to the scene generator, and peacefully(or not) fly around exploring your creations.

    I'm planning on making the gameplay more varied, though - maybe with black holes that you can orbit, on the higher difficulty level.

  4. Is it possible to sign up for some kind of newsletter so we can be informed when the game is available for download/buy? It sounds and looks really fascinating! :D

  5. Beautiful graphic qualities sir-- bravo-- I too found you through stumbleupon--

    you know, if you adapted that level of incredible imagery to be usable as both a screensaver and/or as a visualizer to accompany music (like electric sheep but with your superior graphics, with the requisite audio/beat-sensing abilities to make the stuff there sync with the tunes) I would seriously pay money to own it.

    I love the cinematic nature of the scenes you have pictured-- the slightly hazy look makes it appear more real it mass and scope. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies: Close Encounters of the Third Kind-- I have you bookmarked, and I will follow your efforts. You deserve the hits you're getting, and you sure do get a thumbs-up from me :)

  6. the game sounds awesome man. keep it up.

  7. Thanks for the new backgrounds :)

    Can't wait to try out the game.

  8. I'm a "stumbler" too.
    The game seems very beautiful(and difficult to program), keep up the good work!

  9. This looks really interesting Dymytry! Every time I go to any big box game store to pick up a game for my 3rd gen I'm almost forced to by an FPS. It's good to see people contributing to the diversity of the landscape - especially a microdeveloper.

    Looking forward to the release! You've got my 15 euros (subject to change and converted into dollars).

  10. Great work and good idea stumbling it!

    Looks great and yeah I stumbled upon it just like everyone else haha.

  11. Interesting. I think I will stumble over the next release of picogen :D

    Dmytry, freshmeat is also a nice place for announcing and keeping track of software releases, preferably open source, and the announcement of picogen 0.2, which is not supposed to be ever stable, brought in some interested people from Arch Linux' Community :D

    Btw, sorry to hear about the recent trouble :|