Monday, May 4, 2009


So, I've been working on sound support for my game. I couldn't find OpenAL EFX extension initializer, so I generated one myself using grep and awk. Here it is.
Use InitEFX() to initialize EFX extensions. You can also use HasEFX() in the code to check if EFX is supported (and has been initialized). After successful call to InitEFX() , you can use EFX functions which are listed in efx_proc_list.include.h (it declares function pointers in header by defining P macro, and defines and initializes them in C file) .


  1. Should work with GCC, no idea about MSVC though, may need minor modifications. You need to also add the .c file to the project. It declares and initializes function pointers to EFX extensions which are present.

  2. Nice. Thanks Dmytry, I did look at this briefly. I'm working on an OpenAL class for Ecere SDK. Check it out, its a nice cross-platform environment. You can also talk to us in IRC channel #ecere on Freenode