Sunday, May 17, 2009

Testing youtube HD.

Uploaded a short video of The Polynomial (game) in action, mostly to test Youtube HD. A lot better than regular youtube, but I still don't like how it compressed.
Video codec is made to work well for regular videos, like people walking and stuff, not for weird math imagery...

In other news, I added plenty of new features and bug fixes, though them are not very visible in the video. You can see zoom (right mouse button zooms for sniping), and also some fancy firework explosion (which didn't show in youtube resolution very well). The game's progressing quite nicely. You can email me if you want to be notified of updates.

Ahh, and also. Many of you asked how it is played. Currently, like a space shooter - you fly around, shoot up red stuff, and collect green stuff. Though I'm working on several alternative gameplay styles (like exploring&collecting). Also, I'm thinking how to tie gameplay with scenery generation so that gameplay would also result in progressively more and more interesting scenery. Maybe, you would be collecting items that you find attractive and shot up items that you don't like, driving the evolution of shapes :-) .

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