Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mac install issue: a workaround.
Originally Posted by Pob235
I have exactly the same issue. Fortunately I have a workaround that should work for now until the problem is solved, running the game manually, externally from Steam.

Using Finder, browse to your home directory. Next find the 'Library' folder and open it, then follow this route to find the game, opening each folder in succession.

'Application Support', 'Steam', 'SteamApps', 'common' and 'thepolynomial'.

Here you will find the application package 'Polynomial_osx'. Double click it to run the game!

Of course, time spent playing this way will probably not be logged by Steam so please do see it as a very temporary solution!

Thanks for finding and posting the workaround! Much appreciated.

Ahh, and by the way, I believe it would log time correctly if Steam itself is running. When developing, I usually launch my game from outside Steam, and the time is logged nonetheless, just as long as Steam client is running - i'm not entiely sure if that applies to Mac though as I were not paying attention, but either windows or mac does log time. Same goes for the Leaderboards.

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  1. Dmytry,

    I just bought the game off steam and it won't launch for me even using this method. The screen blinks and a small window opens as if the game is going to launch then nothing happens. Please help, I'm dying to try this game out!


  2. I have this problem too, unfortunately :(

  3. the original problem was long since resolved but there is similar problem in Steam itself. Try verifying your game cache or reinstalling it.