Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some things in progress

Here you can see new bot type, along with debug-mode view of leafs of space partitioning structure which I've implemented for collision detection.
Pretty wiggling things will be neutral, and these will be eating wiggly things, and growing proportionally to # eaten. Or something like that. And there will be a lot more interaction between things. Also, this bot has some facial expressions.


  1. I'm curious, what software do you use for coding?

  2. Tried Polynomial today, but no good. All that happens is a crash window "Polynomial has encountered a problem and needs to close".
    Windows XP3, on a Dell Vostro 1000, AMD processor. Pictures on the web page look pretty though....

  3. Marius Andersen:
    C++ , custom engine, various cross platform libraries like glfw, openal, and so on (see readme, it contains credits for all the libraries). CodeBlocks IDE, though i plan to switch to QTCreator.

    Dell Vostro 1000 question - what graphics card does it have?