Monday, February 15, 2010

Big update: version 00m


Better gameplay and new game objects. Now you should shot those pacman-ish shapes (red in HUD) which are trying to eat pretty wiggly things, and protect the pretty wiggly things (bright blue in HUD). You lose points if you shoot friendly stuff.
Fly through blue things for repair (also repairs the blue thing if it is damaged, with score increase if it was not damaged by you in the first place).
New features:
New music from Alex.
Better sound effects.
Side-to-side stereo.
New collision detection framework.
Highly trippy option (in Devel tab) to draw debug info.
OS X users, rejoice! Option to disable OS X's built in nonlinear mouse acceleration. Massively improves playability. Highly recommended to turn this option on (it's in Input tab). It is off by default because I'm not sure what it would do to a trackpad.
Fixed crash when switching to fullscreen under Windows.
Fixed some rendering issues on OS X.
Shows icon in windowmanager on Linux.
Fixed a couple audio bugs.
Minor improvements: Less screen clutter.

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