Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nice Hack-a-Day review of my MicroGeiger - a circuit that connects a Geiger tube to the headset jack of your mobile phone in place of the microphone, and software to use it.

My hobby project (open source Geiger counter hardware + software for Android) got a nice mention on Hack-a-Day:

We’re no stranger to radiation detector builds, but [Dmytry]‘s MicroGeiger prototype is one of the smallest and most useful we’ve seen.

The idea behind the MicroGeiger comes from the observation that just about every modern smartphone can provide a small bit of power through the microphone jack. Usually this is used for a microphone, but with the right circuit it can be stepped up enough to power a Geiger tube.


Here's my page about the project, describing the operation in greater detail. Also, the hand would transformer can now be substituted for with a very available alternative: an inductor from a broken compact fluorescent lightbulb, with a couple small extra windings added to it.

A few photos:

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