Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update released.

  • Windows: support for any audio format via DirectShow codecs; simply install system wide codecs in the usual way to play any format. Some types of internet streaming audio might also work now depending to the system configuration. (OS X version already supports pretty much any format through system codecs)
  • Key bindings for next and previous song and song restart work correctly now.
  • File chooser directories are remembered independently for different file chooser dialogs.
  • Removed "Merry Christmas" from tutorial level (the Christmas tree remains in the Christmas level)
  • Moved Christmas themed music down in the default playlist.
  • New arena.
  • Wormholes are bigger now and easier to fly through.

For FLAC support - I tested it, after installing these codecs:
FLAC worked.

WMA and WAV formats should now work out of the box. I did not have time to try any codecs for Wavpack yet. Internet streaming works now if you put an URL into playlist file. (You need to have relevant codecs installed for the stream type)


  1. I just tried to game demo on Linux. It runs smoothly on HD2400. Polynomial is really something special, it looks to have a potential to render amazing virtual realities based on any kind of input data. I can imagine complete cyber reality based on it with its own tale with collecting and moving data around as in many sci-fi stories. It resembles me a System Shock virtual reality. However after few levels of demo, I am still unsure what is the aim of the level or game. Is it just shooting "Nazy", collect the score and relax or is there something more one may accomplish?

  2. Well with Windows and OS X you could achieve position in leaderboard. But other than that... games in general are very pointless. You can use editor to make desktop wallpapers and make a wallpapers package for your favourite distro, for example.

  3. I bought your game a few months ago via plimus but I cannot find the updated version via the download link I got in my e-mail (back then). It is still showing version 100 for all operating systems. What is the latest version number and how can I get it?

  4. Sorry, there's the problem with download script. Re-download this archive, it was in fact updated (even though the name listed is not correct).
    Best Regards,

    Dmytry Lavrov.