Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Softonic: if you bought The Polynomial there, CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY.

Hello guys,

If any of you bought The Polynomial from this site:


please contact me immediately by email or skype ! (Don't buy it from Softonic! Only use publishers linked from my official game page! (Steam and Plimus))


  1. Are they trying to make money from your hard work by illegally redistributing it?

  2. well basically, i told them to stop, and theres what they said:

    "Dear Dmytry,

    I’m really sorry for this misunderstanding. In fact Softonic do not sell any software directly. We are working with affiliation programs and are integrating buy links from Digital River or other affiliation platforms.

    In the case of your program we integrated by error a buy button for “Polynomial1” that is a different software. The buy link was deactivated just after we got your message.
    I also checked if there is any sales generated for this program but there was not."

    no shit. They have acknowledged partnership with the actual seller (digitalriver).

    Fuck, i hate how you can get away with everything if you develop yourself a half plausible deniability.