Friday, January 1, 2010

The Polynomial: now in (stereographic) 3D

New update
Main highlights: 3D stereographic support: anaglyph and interlaced&checkerboard (some 3D hdtv's , Zalman TRIMON, etc).

The anaglyph mode requires cheap red/cyan glasses. You may want to use 'desaturate' slider in Visuals panel to make it work better for strongly coloured arenas.

The 'H stripes' mode put left and right images into even/odd rows of pixels. This works with some 3D displays such as Zalman TRIMON and various 3D HDTVs. It could also work with some shutter glasses system which use interlaced video signal (when each frame is sent as odd rows then even rows, and glasses flip so that those go to different eyes).
'V stripes' is analogous but uses vertical stripes. It could work with such thing and various commercial 3d displays that use lenticular lenses, as well as polarizing displays like zalman's but using vertical stripes.
'Checkerboard' uses checkerboard pattern, for this kind of thing (some 3D HDTVs do actually use checkerboard format).

You will need to tune the Span and Shift sliders for best effect, and maybe toggle the "swap sides" button if your glasses are other way around.

Todo: support for opengl stereo left and right framebuffer mode (probably works only with nvidia quadro cards though. I can't initialize opengl context in stereo mode on my pc at all, with geforce 9800 GT :/ ), and support for left image on one display and right image on other display.

Other good stuff: Changeable key bindings and various bugfixes.

Stuff that does not quite work yet but is coming: Multiplayer. For now, just ignore the 'devel' options tab.


  1. Nice feature :-)
    Perhaps an option to tweak the glasses colors rgb would be nice? We only had green/red glasses (the ones that come up with a dreamworks CG anime bluray in japan)

  2. Green/red should work just fine (you'll naturally be missing blue), as long as it is not green/magenta which would let blue in for other eye than green... hmm. I'll add an option to choose glasses type, if someone's actually using green/magenta.

  3. this game is great. Please support NVidia3D Vision!!!

  4. Great program but I had hoped it would work with 3d vision- please add support!

    Still quite enjoyable as is but this could be a showcase piece for 3d on my 3d projector set up!!

  5. Probably too late but... I'd like to be able to use Green/Magenta glasses since I already have them :/