Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RIP Amarok 1.4

Amarok 1.4.10 no longer works for me under mandriva (installed from old repository, into /opt/kde3 folder)... it simply doesn't scan collection.

Meanwhile, Amarok 2 is still completely unusable, even though you can get rid of the "context". It's just insane. Can't resize playlist to take up all the remaining space, cant drag-resize columns in lists, and so on (resizing columns with a slider, who the hell came up with this?! That's outright insane. Anyone with a sense would fix the list control to get drag-resizing of columns to work again rather than make slider dialog for that).
I'm switching to Exaile for final, i think. I promised to fix some bugs in it, then left 'cause i had no time... gonna get on it


  1. Yes, tried it a while back, but I guess I've been too spoiled by amarok 1.4 - I like to have the tree view for collection, and to just append songs to playlist/queue (the usage pattern is that i queue a few song then switch to work). I have some sound problem after upgrading to mandriva 2010. Exaile and VLC and flash plugin have sound, but rhythmbox not, and I'm not sure exactly why, possibly because those want to use pulse (which I disabled).

  2. I see. It goes down to how you use it. I haven't looked to much into the PulseAudio thing. Another one that was supposed to be Amarok-like was Banshee. But I think also goes the PulseAudio way.

  3. I got it fixed, seems I had gstreamer config options (managed by gnome config daemon, how odd) set to use pulseaudio... yes, those do look nice though don't seem to fit my usage habits very well.