Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cutting a disk from aluminium...

So, I need to cut a disk from aluminium plate...

Various parts: pieces from a wooden box, motor and gears from canon i250 printer which I picked up for parts other day, outdoors plastic chair, transformer from very old tv for 7v power (printer's powersupply was missing), a paperclip, piece of file, drill bit.

It features a very advanced and hi tech design, with automatic pressure adjustment (when this thing jams, pressure on cutter decreases 'cause of pull on that rope). It's going to take a long while to cut through tho, motor isn't very powerful, but as long as I'm not spinning this by hand, I don't mind.

Side idea: with 3 old printers, you can make a neat CNC machine or even reprap machine. You'll only need to cut a thread onto the paper feeding rod, and use it to move the table. There's even a very precise position encoder here. If I find 2 more broken printers, I might make this.

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