Saturday, August 15, 2009

Polynomial update.

Minor middle of the month update.

Gameplay: now the screen "glitches" in the old-tv way when you're being hit while having low health (not just when dead). Now you'll know when to run for your life. The backstory is that electromagnetic shield is down, and enemy shots are actually hitting your ship, causing your onboard sensors and computer to glitch.
The "insane" gameplay is more insane now (it is actually really hard to get score above 1000 on insane).

Bugfixes: fixed some crashes on old graphics cards.

System, all platforms: Migrated from ALUT to ALURE, added ogg loader libraries (but not music yet).

OS X platform: Now includes latest OpenAL version in the bundle, all because Apple's software OpenAL is crashing randomly in mixer thread.


  1. So, if I have Ogg Vorbis tunes, I can use them in game and not have to have something playing music in the background? Sweet. But does the ogg loader work yet - what do I need to do?

  2. Well, there's no media player GUI yet but I'm working on it :-) And on some in-game music visualization. It's due to be included in next update.

    For playing music: you can test it by editing config file (see readme about how to find it), and in sound section, setting the music_file parameter. I'm not sure if ogg loader included in this version works on mac, though.