Friday, July 31, 2009

Monthly Polynomial Update - version 00c


  • Arenas have names now.
  • Random selection of arenas for demo, instead of first 10.
  • Improved the 'Dynamic Reactor' effect. Now, bullets and explosions imprint onto background. You can also customize background's update speed.
  • Booster bonus (lets you fly 3x faster). [of questionable goodness though - it seem to make things feel smaller, for me :/]
  • Bonus icons improved.
  • 'Insane' is more difficult now (autoaim lasts less long, enemies shot faster and thus harder to dodge).
  • Added death effects - when you're killed, image 'loses synchronization', stretches, and/or whites out, in random combinations.
  • Free demo has 11 levels now (numbered 0 to 10), full has 33
  • Configuration stored in your home folder by default now (if you want to make portable install, see readme for instructions).
  • Various bugfixes
If you bought full version, click on "check updates" to get onto update downloads page.

Todo: I'm going to make a new gameplay video sometime soon.

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