Friday, March 13, 2009

String theory of antigravity.

In light of news that string theory made a prediction, I just came to realization that string theory is correct.
It usually provides correct explanation of antigravity - levitating objects are often suspended on strings.


  1. I'll suspend my belief until my friends over at CERN will give it their seal of approval. Not only isn't string theory my field, but I'm not familiar with the actual paper (nor could I probably understand it). I suspect, though (knowing how things work), that the result obtained is some limit of string theory, much like classical mechanics is a limit of quantum mechanics for macroscopic objects. As such, it doesn't validate string theory, just gives reassurance that it's on the right track. However, an expert should comment on this, really.

  2. i want to ask that, is all the theories about gravitational force are true or there is any fluks in that.

  3. I've been attempting at humor here... that the levitating objects in all sorts of circus 'antigravity' tricks are suspended on strings (as in thin ropes), hence the string theory of antigravity.